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So you are ready to take your self-defense to the next level. There are many reasons one should consider firearms training. Not only to protect yourself and your family but to have the assurance of protecting others within and around your community. It’s a large responsibility, but if this is the step you wish to take, here is some information you can start with from Kodiak’s Firearm Training.

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About Us

Kodiaks Firearm Training is honored to serve the Kenosha and surrounding community with trusted firearm training courses that help enhance the safety of yourself and those around you when owning and operating a gun. We know that you have many options when it comes to choosing the right course for firearm training, but we’re proud to have a reliable reputation that helps clients obtain and keep their permits, use their guns safely in the public realm, and maintain their guns over time for long-term use. We’re also registered and licensed to provide professional firearm training in the state of Wisconsin, so you know our resources are trusted, transparent, and honest from the start.

About Kirbey Hook

The instructor for this Wisconsin CCW class are highly skilled, certified through the NRA, and are one of the better instructors available. Within the instructor-led classroom setting, you will find the class to be highly informative and motivational with the best possible curriculum available, from power points to videos and personal experiences. You will learn safety fundamentals, Wisconsin carry laws, and when and where you are legally able to draw, carry and fire your weapon. You couldn’t ask for a better group of teachers or a better class. You will also learn in your Wisconsin Concealed Carry class how to carry it, what to carry it in and what is most convenient for you.
I took Kirbey’s Basic Pistol Class and his Concealed Carry safety class and enjoyed both. Kirbey is a very knowledgeable and personable guy. He takes something as serious as gun ownership and makes you want to learn more. Thanks, Kirbey for taking the ‘fear’ out of being around firearms.
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This class was excellent! Learned a lot of things I would have never thought of! Kirbey truly cares about each and every student and their safety! I highly recommend it!
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Absolutely fantastic instructor and course material. The time went by quickly because Kirbey really knows his stuff and has a great approach to teaching. Highly recommend this class!
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Laura D.

Our Services

Our Classes are tailored to those who are interested in owning a gun to improve overall safety in general. While you might consider owning a gun for different reasons, such as recreational hunting or personal protection, it’s important to have the right training in place to help understand how to use your gun in times of crisis or how to protect it from others so they cannot use it. Our services are diverse and aimed to protect your right to bear arms, providing gun maintenance basics, shooting practice, and general gun information.

Carrying a weapon is a huge responsibility, so learn everything you can from your firearms training. Do not necessarily stop with just this one class. Keep seeking out training, even if it is not with us. Never stop learning or practicing. Although it’s our right to bear arms, you must also be responsible when exercising your rights. There is a sense of peace knowing that you are able to exercise your constitutional rights, and have the skills and training to back them up.

concealed carry

Kenosha Concealed Carry Class

WI CCW refers to Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Weapons regulations and the rules surrounding them. In our training course, we’ll give you all the information you need to gain your permit for CCW, the process, what limitations there are with your permit, and what to do if you’ve been denied a permit.  

Our Home Defense CCW Class includes a curriculum for having a family plan and specific training for protecting your property.

nra basic pistol class

NRA Basic Pistol

An NRA basic pistol class gives you the introductory basics of how to operate pistols and other handheld guns. This is for personal protection as pistols are often used by private citizens for concealed carry (versus other types of larger, long-range guns). Since pistols are smaller, they’re ideal for CCW, as you can easily cover them and store them in your pocket, bag, or purse, while in public.

personal firearm training

Personal Training

Kirbey offers personal training to those who want his full attention to personal and specific situations. He will make sure to answer all your concerns about the responsibility of firearm ownership, protecting life, and preserving property.  There is nothing more valuable than having Kirbey’s consultation and making sure you have a planned defense that is lawful and ethical. He can meet you at your home, a target practice range, or at an agreed-upon location. Affordable rates.  Contact us today to start a dialogue.

Frank O.
“I signed up for a firearm training course with Kodiaks Firearm Training to improve my skills and apply for a permit after moving to Wisconsin. I was really pleased with how organized the class was and how much I didn’t know about guns. I definitely recommend this gun class if you want a CCW permit in the near future!”
Frank O.
Greg H.
“Kodiaks Firearm Training was able to give me lots of information about how to take care of my gun and what was permitted when I was traveling to Oklahoma to visit family. I knew that they were considered positive on the reciprocity map, so I was excited that I could conceal carry my weapon without issue during our time there. I recommend calling Kodiaks Firearm Training if you have questions before traveling!”
Greg H.
Kurt J.
“What I like most about Kodiaks Firearm Training is that the core of their work is rooted in safety. I wanted to purchase a firearm to protect my family since we live in a remote area of Wisconsin. I was so happy to learn that they had safety methods to inform me of how to better protect my children from the gun but also how to use it when I needed to keep unwanted animals or intruders away.”
Kurt J.
weapons craft


Weapons craft refers to how your guns are designed and built and with what materials. During our training courses, we’ll give you more information on how to care for your guns and maintain them to prevent rusting or failed use. We’ll also give you tips on how to store them away from children, pets, and those who are not qualified or registered to use them.

2nd amendment rights

2nd Amendment Rights

The 2nd amendment clearly states that American citizens have the right to own and bear arms for personal use. We use the 2nd amendment to conduct our work in order to protect your own rights and to protect others as well. What the 2nd amendment doesn’t protect, however, is the right to misuse your gun or threaten the wellbeing of others. That’s why, we take training seriously and want to ensure that those who come across our courses understand how to safely use and handle their guns.

reciprocity map

Reciprocity Map

The reciprocity map is designed to help gun-owners understand where their CCW permits are honored in other states. Some states honor Wisconsin permits in return for honoring other permits, while some permits are honored in one state, but not reciprocated. In such cases, it’s important to do your research before attempting to conceal carry your weapon in a state where you aren’t sure of their local gun laws.

DOJ CCW training requirements

DOJ CCW Training Requirements

The Wisconsin Department of Justice regulates issuing CCW permits and sets out the local standards for Wisconsin gun ownership safety. With the Department of Justice, you’ll apply for first-time permits, renewals, and file any appeals you might have or gain more insight to gun regulations in Wisconsin. Along with administrative duties, the Department of Justice also has training requirements set in stone for those that are looking to apply for permits, which include the fees associated with the application and the types of training certifications that are accepted as proof of firearm training.

Kirbey "Kodiak" Hook
Kirbey “Kodiak” Hook
Owner and Instructor

When you take classes with Kodiak’s Firearm Training, you’ll be in the capable hands of our instructor, Kirbey Hook. Mr. Hook is a lifelong firearms enthusiast and United States Naval Veteran. In addition to the practical and legal knowledge required to teach Wisconsin CCW classes and NRA Basic Pistol Class, Kirbey’s decades of experience in the firearm’s world brings his students the added benefits of real-life experience and confidence with firearms inside and outside the classroom. ​

You have personal reasons for taking firearms classes. Be sure you get the personal attention you deserve. When you train with Kirby Hook and Kodiak’s Firearm Training you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. At Kodak’s Firearm Training, our goal is for our students to be competent and comfortable after completing our firearm classes, not simply legal.

If you are looking to concealed carry Racine, concealed carry Burlington, or you want to familiarize yourself with Concealed Carry Laws and firearm control so that you can concealed carry in Kenosha, Kodiak will help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to obtain your concealed carry permit in Wisconsin.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our gun classes or training services available, you can easily get in contact with us to find out more. We provide training class schedules over the phone and can assist in helping you sign up or inform you of our next classes. Our customer service specialists will also be able to answer any questions you may have regarding our services and classes, as well as general gun ownership questions as well. If you’d prefer to write to us through email, you can also do so by filling in the contact form – found on our website – and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

"The constitution shall never be construed...to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." -Alexander Hamilton
"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." -James Madison, The Constitution
"Those who trade liberty for security have neither." -John Adams