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Are you interested in obtaining a firearm but aren’t sure how to go about it safely? Buying one from a store requires much more than a simple transaction, as it also requires background checks, screenings, and a proper license to carry the weapon in general. Without a license, you could be in possession of a firearm illegally which can result in the lack of legal ability to carry one in the future, or it could bar you from future firearm purchases. To avoid all of the hassles that come with obtaining or carrying a firearm illegally, you can easily get the training you need to obtain a proper and legal permit for concealed carry in the state of Wisconsin. Wondering where to get this training from? Since Wisconsin upholds the 2nd amendment, there are numerous places where you can obtain firearm training and resources for legal carry.
Kodiaks Firearm Training strives to enhance firearm safety through adequate firearm training and customer care. We want to continue to protect the Kenosha, Wisconsin area and do this through our commitment to security, proper handling of a firearm, and legal measures that ensure long-lasting safety. We’ve been in business for many years working with clients and are constantly improving our training methods to keep you safe and your loved ones even safer. We are always building on our existing standard to create cohesive firearm training so that all those in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area who receive our services, do so with the utmost standard and quality in service. Contact us today for more info.

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