Home Defense Concealed Carry Class

Due to popular demand and people wanting to talk about current events, we are adding a Home Defense element that will answer a lot of serious questions about firearm ownership laws and self-preservation. 

We live in a completely different world now after COVID-19, protesters, lootings, and de-funding the police. 

Bring your toughest questions and heartfelt concerns.  We want to protect our loved ones and our private property. 

In some cases, the threats are coming right to our doorsteps!  Get all your questions answered, earn your concealed carry permit and join our supportive community. 

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$65 Per Person
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We add an extra few hours of curriculum to make sure your questions are answered and you have a family plan in place – just in case! 

  • Can I protect myself from looters and rioters?
  • Can I protect myself from looters and rioters?
  • If I discharge a gun and the police arrive, what should I do?
  • Can I protect myself from looters and rioters?
  • Can a non-resident 17-year-old kid open carry an assault rifle and protect himself?

Bring your hardest classes to class, and feel confident in your training.

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