DOJ CCW Training Requirements

The Wisconsin Department of Justice lays out the rules and regulations available for training requirements and what constitutes sufficient training in order to receive a concealed carry weapon permit (CCW). If you’re looking for an updated list of what is accepted by the department as sufficient training for previous firearm training, you can visit the company’s main website for more information. In our case, however, we provide effective firearm training if you haven’t had experience or exposure to previous training courses in the past, such as Hunter Education certificates or military service training.
Firearm Training Certification
Firearm training certification is the permit you receive when you’ve successfully completed your training course. If you attend all of the lessons and pass the theory and written part of the course, as well as the practice shooting and training, then you’ll likely receive your training documentation in no time. Like any other class, the requirements laid out in our training courses require some time and dedication in order to pass them accordingly. We do not offer passing grades to those who have lacked in attendance or have not shown improvement in the course from the beginning. Without our formal training certification, you will not be able to show our coursework as proof of a received training certificate.
What Applies
If you aren’t planning on taking our course and instead have other or previous forms of firearms training, such as the previous service with the military, a CCW permit from another state, or you have served with the local police enforcement in the past, then you could still be eligible for a CCW permit. These kinds of documents also serve as proof of previous training and are just as accepted as a certificate from our training course. However, many find that by taking our course, they’re learning something new or refreshing their memory when renewing their license or applying for a new permit in a different state.
Submitting Your Proof
Submitting your proof can be done via mail to the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Enclosed, you’ll want to show a copy of your firearms training certificate, the fee for the application, and the application forms themselves. Submitting these forms is crucial if you want your application to be successful. If the DOJ has questions about your training with us, they can get in contact with us directly. We’ve been working with local authorities for many years to train gun users to the highest standard and provide safety measures for firearm use.
Receiving Your License
Once you’ve received your license, this doesn’t mean that you can immediately use guns recklessly or carelessly. In fact, since you have a license, you’re more responsible for the use of a gun in a public setting, because you’ve been given the formal training to handle gun-related situations. This includes places of work, schools, commercial spaces, and much more. When you receive your CCW permit, it’s best to also make copies of it, so that you have your information with you at all times or when you have the firearm in your possession and you’re out in public.

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