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Can I bring a firearm to concealed carry class?

If you have a pistol, feel free to bring it, but it is not necessary.  Everything will be provided.  Just come with a willingness to learn.

How do I pay?

We do credit and debit cards via Paypal. Click Here
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Also cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Monero, etc.

Do I need a permit to purchase a firearm?

In Wisconsin, you do not need any special permit to purchase a firearm–rifle, pistol, or shotgun.  You can get a CCW permit on any pistol you want.  Fully automatic machine guns are legal to own here in the state of Wisconsin, as well as suppressors.

If I have a gun, but I do not have a CCW and somebody breaks into my house, am I still able to defend myself?

Yes.  The state of Wisconsin has a Castle Doctrine law on the books.  If somebody forcibly enters your home, vehicle, or business, the use of lethal force is justified.  If someone breaks into your house, as long as they are over the threshold of the door, and physically in your home, you can shoot them.

Do you have personal training classes?

Yes, I do.  If you have a pistol I can help you shoot better, if you don’t know what you want or are new to firearms, I can supply several different types along with ammunition, so you can get an idea of what’s out there.  I can also do the CCW class at your home.  If you have 5 people the cost per person is $50.

Is your NRA Basic Pistol course cover the conceal carry as well?

Typically they are two separate classes unless otherwise stated.

Is there actual shooting done during the NRA Basic Pistol Class?  And suitable for beginners?

Yes, there is shooting.  This is a perfect class for not just a beginner, but non-shooters up to intermediate shooters.

What range do you shoot at?

My go-to range is McMiller Sports Center in Eagle, WI.

How Long is the CCW class?

It’s about 5 hours long.

Do you have a training class with different weapons to choose from to decide best for the individual?

We are creating a class for this.  For now, you can do personal training and I will give you exposure to the different calibers of handguns, and different types, as well as familiarization with the major shotguns and modern sporting rifles.