The reciprocity map refers to the locations or states that also honor similar or concealed carry weapon laws like Wisconsin, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Wisconsin honors the same firearm permit regulations in return. We want to make these locations known to our clients that travel or plan to move elsewhere and want to take their protection with them but also encourage you to do research beforehand to keep yourself protected. There are a number of existing states that allow concealed carry weapons, but it’s always safest to check updated regulations before traveling or moving, to avoid penalties or changes in local rules.

What States Are Included

If you’ve obtained a concealed carry permit in the state of Wisconsin and are looking to move about or understand which states honor your permit, you can include North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington, as these are all the states that issue permits to residents, non-residents, and will respect your permit when in the territory.

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While these states are included in the reciprocity map, we always recommend checking with the local laws before traveling to these states and operating your firearm like normal. It’s always recommended to carry your concealed carry permit and firearm together so that if local authorities stop you, there is no issue. In Wisconsin, for example, certain regulations are only upheld on a state-by-state basis, such as only honoring the Class A Massachusetts permits, but no others issued from Massachusetts, and other permits that have been renewed after certain dates, in cases of Ohio and Nevada, to adhere to updated Wisconsin rules and regulations.


While your rights are always protected via the reciprocity map and assuming your location, it is recommended to still carry out your own checks on the local regulations before traveling or moving. Updates to these laws are changing so you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re moving to another state that doesn’t allow your permit for concealed carry, or you have to apply for a new one with entirely new training. Furthermore, some exceptions may apply if you’re applying for a permit in Wisconsin and coming from another state and are not yet a resident, as Wisconsin non-resident permits are only issued to those stationed on military bases.


Furthermore, by using the reciprocity map, we can better uphold a general standard for safety across state borders. When you decide to undertake formal training with us, we’ll be sure to give you updated information on the existing reciprocity agreements available between Wisconsin and other states, or which regulations to be aware of if certain states do not honor Wisconsin’s concealed carry permits. Furthermore, we’ll teach you how to use the map to your advantage, if you’re the type who travels for hunting season or is looking to move about and take your protection with you without trouble.